Kind of Atmos

Maurice Patist,Steve Genewick,David Rideau

The PMC Dolby Atmos Music mix of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue has just been released by Apple Music, making it available in an “immersive format” for the first time to Apple Music subscribers.

PMC’s monitor speakers are the reference for Dolby Atmos Music mixing and are featured in the top studios around the world for mixing in this emerging format. Facilities like Capitol Studios, Los Angeles where Maurice Patist, president of PMC USA worked on the remixing of Kind of Blue”.

Working with the Miles Davis estate, Patist, David Rideau and Capitol Studios’ Senior Engineer Steve Genewick gained special permission to remix Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain into Dolby Atmos, which were presented at the High End Show, Munich in May 2019. 

“At the time we did the mix it was purely for demonstration purposes,” says Patist, “but recently Sony Music contacted me and asked if they could use the Atmos mixes of both albums for future release. Of course, we made sure they did and are delighted that they have decided to release Kind of Blue, with Sketches of Spain to follow using our original Atmos mixes.”

In addition to the Dolby Atmos multi-channel mix, Apple Music has also released a Spatial Audio (binaural) mix of the album for use with headphones, which was mixed simultaneously by the three engineers working at Capitol Studios. Kind of Blue is available now to stream in Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio through Apple Music on compatible devices.

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