Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM go active

Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM powered speakers

Henley Audio announces the UK launch of the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM powered speakers. Simply plug the pair’s active (right) monitor into a power outlet, join the two speakers using the supplied cable, and stream via Bluetooth. You can also connect additional sources, such as a CD player or TV, via the right speaker’s range of inputs, which includes 3.5mm, optical, and USB. The R-40PM and R-50PM also have a phono preamp, so vinyl fans can plug a turntable straight in.
The two new Klipsch monitors join the passive-design R-40M and R-50M in the US maker’s recharged Reference speaker series. The R-40PM reaches down to 60Hz, while its R-41PM forebear recorded 76Hz. The R-50PM plumbs 55Hz, up against the R-51 PM’s 68Hz threshold. To help deliver this bigger, more impactful bass response, Klipsch has increased the cabinet depths of the new models; the R-40PM is 28% deeper than the outgoing model, and the R-50PM adds 27%. Height and width stay nigh on identical, and the new designs easily remain compact enough to suit numerous placements, including desktops and shelves, yet large enough to present a room-filling, stereo sound.

Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM
Both models also feature a new, larger edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix horn design that provides improved coverage, bandwidth, and directivity control. Expect enhanced control of where you want the sound to go in your room. Klipsch steps up the visuals, too – see that new ‘beauty bar’ between the 25mm linear travel suspension (LTS) tweeter and spun copper, thermoformed crystal polymer (TCP) woofer and the absence of visible fasteners. Pretty smart. And, while primarily out of sight, the speaker’s rear panel receives a new text colour for better readability. Klipsch also upgrades the speaker terminals.

Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM

Key features of the R-40PM and R-50PM powered monitors include:
Dynamic Bass EQ: The monitors feature a dynamically controlled low-frequency response that optimizes bass performance in real-time, ensuring perfect bass regardless of the volume level
Flexible connectivity: Options include Bluetooth wireless, optical, RCA, USB, and a 3.5mm
Integrated powerful amplification: The R-40PM supplies 70W total system power, and the 
R-50PM packs 120W
Klipsch premium drivers: The R-40PM features a 100mm TCP woofer and a 25mm LTS aluminium tweeter, while the R-50PM has a 130mm TCP woofer and the same 25mm tweeter
Phono preamp: Add a turntable and immediately play records through the Klipsch speakers
Modest footprint: The trim design of the R-40PM and R-50PM makes them a perfect fit for any space, and there is no need for an external amplifier
The Klipsch R-40PM (£499) and R-50PM (£599) powered monitors are available to purchase in the UK now. (EU and US prices are €549/$499 and €649/$599.)

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