At last another autoformer preamp


Pure Sound the valve amp people are bringing in the new Aurorasound Preda line stage preamplifier. This Japanese made control amp as its called is interesting because it uses an autoformer type volume control, much like the remarkable Townshend Allegri passive controller. Preda is an active analogue control amp that uses 54 reed relay transformer taps for volume control, British made Pickering relays at that. It has wideband in/output buffering, true dual mono operation and offers two balanced and four singled inputs alongside outputs of both types.

Unusually Preda was developed along modular lines and has independent power supply, input and output stages for each channel. The casework is in aluminium and build looks extremely high, isolation feet should help keep things sweet and it even has remote control which is not so common in hardcore Japanese high end. Price in the UK is £7995.95. See for more

aurorasound preda rear

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