Least expensive iFi DAC ever

31349 GO link

iFi Audio has added to its Go series of ultraportable DAC/headphone amps with the Go link – a headphone dongle that “delivers supercharged sound” when connected to smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs via a USB port.

Its purpose is twofold. First, to enable corded headphones and earphones to connect to digital devices that don’t have a headphone output. Second, even if a device does have a headphone socket, the Go link delivers “a big sonic upgrade”. This is because its sophisticated DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) and headphone amp circuitry is superior to the audio tech contained within mobile devices and computers. With an RRP of just £59, it’s the most affordable DAC/headphone amp iFi has ever made.

At one end of the Go link is a USB-C connector, at the other is the DAC and headphone amp circuitry, both housed in robust yet lightweight magnesium alloy enclosures. In between is a 6cm length of flexible cable – this aids practicality, allowing the DAC/amp section to be angled towards the listener and reducing stress on the USB port to which the Go link is connected. The Go link will be available from selected retailers from 5th December.

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