Leema Roon ready


Leema Acoustics has upgraded its streaming-capable products to include Roon playback. Several products are primed to benefit from the upgrade including the company’s recently launched Stream IV streaming CD player (£2,295), Elements Streamer (£1,295) and Quasar streaming amp/DAC (£2,995), which will now ship Roon Ready; the company’s Sirius (£3,995) streaming music server is already compatible. 

The Roon upgrade follows the rollout of a key software update for mconnect, Leema Acoustics’ recommended DLNA/UPnP control point app for Apple and Android. The update also brings gapless and DSD playback, improved operational performance and more. Roon compatibility joins an already impressive mconnect feature list including Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz integration, plus vTuner Internet Radio and Deezer.

The software upgrade is also readily available for existing streaming product customers for immediate installation. Leema Acoustics has provided comprehensive details of how to install the update hereplus the company’s dealer network is also happy to assist.

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