Linn Klimax Solo 800W mono beast amp

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Linn Klimax Solo 800 monoblock power amplifier

Linn today announces the global launch of their reference mono power amplifier – Klimax Solo 800, a large, passively cooled amp; the first of its kind from Linn. Solo 800 features novel and original Linn technologies which combine to produce staggeringly low distortion measurements, with superb signal-to-noise ratio, and incredible efficiency. It delivers exceptional clarity right up to 800W into 4Ω, and 1.2kW into 2Ω.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn’s CEO, said: “As this is our first foray into the high-power, passively cooled amplifier category, we’re acutely aware that we have to outperform some strong, established incumbents. The challenge was to apply our unique expertise in both analogue and digital electronics engineering to set a new standard in audio amplification. The resulting distortion and noise measurements are lower than anything the industry has seen. Solo 800 drives even the most demanding loudspeakers more assuredly than its competitor amplifiers. We’re confident that customers will hear the difference.”

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Adaptive Bias Control

Klimax Solo is a Class AB amplifier and, as such, it requires a ‘sweet spot’ bias current to minimise transistor crossover distortion. In a conventional Class AB amplifier, bias current is usually set once only, by an engineer with a potentiometer, at the point of building the product. However, due to variations in individual transistors, changing temperatures during use, and age of the components, this bias current can, and does, drift quite far from ideal over the lifespan of the amplifier.

To circumvent this challenge in Solo 800, Linn has developed their original Adaptive
Bias Control technology (debuted in Linn’s 2023 flagship 360 Exakt Integrated loudspeaker).

Linn establishes the optimum bias current dynamically and in real-time by measuring, sampling and digitising the current supplied to the transistors. This data is passed to an FPGA, which calculates the bias corresponding to these measured current levels, and implements a digital control loop to hold this measured bias point at its ideal for each individual transistor.

Using this method, Linn’s Solo 800 ensures the optimum bias is applied and persistently adjusted to be ideal – at any temperature, regardless of volume or demanding dynamic changes in the source material – for the duration of the product’s lifespan. With Adaptive Bias Control, Linn has conclusively solved the traditional problems inherent to Class AB amplifier design.

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Efficiency. Accuracy. Consistency.

Solo 800 as a whole is the epitome of efficient, consistent, and accurate circuitry design. Linn’s unique combination of digital and analogue expertise has allowed them to optimise and linearise every internal stage of the amplifier to produce exceedingly high performance consistently in all conditions.

Linn has employed novel techniques to drive distortion down as much as possible, through dynamic monitoring and error correcting in real-time via multiple digital and analogue feedback loops deployed throughout the amp.

The phenomenal analogue output stage of Solo 800 uses only the best transistors available. Linn combines eight pairs of them, in parallel, to ensure linearity right up to and beyond the amplifier’s impressive rating.

Solo 800 incorporates sixteen transistors for upper and lower devices – with their combined total producing the purest, ultra-linear signal for the loudspeakers which follow.

This array of top-performing output devices results in the the amp’s output impedance
being divided by eight, giving Solo 800 the ability to drive large speakers which present difficult loads, right across the audio band, and with no tail-off in performance as the volume is turned up.

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Utopik for Solo 800

Linn’s all-new, Utopik switch-mode power supply topology for Solo 800 boasts precision-regulated, independently isolated power rails. It provides the best of both worlds, generating 2kW maximum power output whilst retaining speed, responsiveness and consummate efficiency. It maintains extremely steady output voltage; the rails perform consistently in the face of dramatic loading changes. What’s more, if the mains input varies, the output won’t – remaining stable and ultra-pure at all times.

Most all mono-block amplifiers utilise noisy and bulky linear power supplies. Linn
favour switch-mode power supplies for their amplifiers; as they are more efficient, have better electromagnetic isolation, and any noise they do generate occurs outside the band of human hearing.

With Utopik for Solo 800, Linn has progressed a step further to minimise switching noise and improve efficiency by utilising a technique called ‘soft-switching’; a resonant tank circuit ensures that voltage across the power supply switch falls to zero before the switch is thrown. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik for Solo 800 is cleaner, more
efficient, and remains whisper-quiet over the full range of operating conditions.

Cool Runnings

Klimax Solo 800 features superb heat management; driving the most difficult of loads without compromising linearity of performance, or resorting to an internal fan.

Excellent heat coupling is achieved by mounting the amplifier and power supply circuitry directly to the critically efficient, large surface area heatsinks. This cool-running design is key to delivering exceptional clarity right up to 800W into 4Ω, and 1.2kW into 2Ω.

Internal components share heat evenly, and further benefit from natural aspiration. Simple convection draws cool air into hidden lower vents, where it absorbs heat, before being expelled silently from the subtle and low-profile oblong vent on Klimax Solo 800’s top surface.

The heat management design for Klimax Solo 800 minimises temperature within the amp, ensuring that the properties of its internal components remain consistent during even the loudest and most demanding passages of music. It maintains consistency, efficiency and longevity at all times.


The focal point of Solo 800’s external facade is the jewel-like roundel which draws your eye to the lit heart of the amplifier. Back-lit by an array of one hundred individual cool-toned LEDs, the Linn roundel communicates the amplifier’s status to the seated listener. Brightness can be set at three different levels via a simple switch at the product’s rear.

Pricing, Availability and Variants

Klimax Solo 800 is available in two finishes, with a black-anodised or natural silver anodised faceplate. Orders can now be placed for Klimax Solo 800. They will be sold and shipped in pairs. Pricing: Linn Klimax Solo 800 £75,000 (per pair).

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