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Linn has unveiled the Selekt DSM, a new ‘high-end’ network music player. Central to the new player’s user experience is a cut-glass dial embellished with 100 individual LEDs, the dial glows when approached and turns with “watch-like precision” in response to a touch.  As well as serving as a volume control, tilt and press gestures can start and stop a stream, cycle through a play queue or list of radio stations, and switch to other connected sources.   

A row of smart buttons, crafted to feel like piano keys, can be assigned to activate a source, internet radio station, playlist, genre or artist from a streaming service or local library.  The tactile interface is designed to provide instant access to music by making it easy to operate the product without the need for an app. 

Linn Selekt DSM Front Top 72dpi

Selekt DSM streams virtually any digital source over a standard network and integrates seamlessly with Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify Connect streaming services, plays internet radio via TuneIn and is compatible with Roon. A plethora of digital inputs include toslink optical (x2), SPDIF coax (x2), HDMI ARC, USB, and Ethernet, all supporting sample rates of up to 192kHz. Analogue sources are also provided for, with one line-level RCA input and two phono inputs accommodating MM and MC pickups.

RBarclay Linn Selekt DSM dial

Selekt DSM is available as a dedicated streaming source and preamp with fixed or variable line-level RCA (2V) and XLR (4V) stereo outputs to drive any separates system, or with a bridged Class-D power amplifier (100wpc into 4 ohms / 50wpc into 8 ohms) for a single-box, loudspeaker-ready solution. Both configurations come with two Exakt Link ports to allow connection to Exakt speakers, Exaktboxes, or Urika II. There is also the option to upgrade the onboard DAC to Linn’s Katalyst architecture with improved data optimisation and master clock, independent power supplies, ultra-low distortion output driver and high-stability input reference level. 

Selekt DSM also features the new and improved version of Linn’s Space Optimisation DSP technology that models a customer’s listening space and loudspeakers in even greater detail, increasing the accuracy of the bass correction applied to reduce undesirable colourations in both the frequency and time domains, and allowing the listener to hear more of the recording and less of the room.


selekt dsm rear final

Hand-built at Linn’s Glasgow factory, Selekt DSM is modular and upgradeable with cartridges designed to allow a Linn specialist to perform an upgrade in a customer’s home quickly and simply.  The following configurations are selectable at the point of purchase or can be upgraded to at a later date: 

Selekt DSM£4,000
Selekt DSM w/ integrated power amp £5,250
Selekt DSM w/ Katalyst  £5,500
Selekt DSM w/ integrated amp and Katalyst £6,750
Selekt DSM is available from October 2018.

Richard Barclay

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