Living Voice R80 at High End 2023


Living Voice R80 and more at High End, Munich

The Living Voice R80 loudspeaker is making its Munich debut… first time on stage at High End 2023.

Living Voice R80

We have two turntables in our system this year: We couldn’t resist taking the new GPA Monaco V3.0 & PSU for its first public showing. Kevin has set it up with the Kuzma 4P14 and Kuzma CAR cartridge. The V3.0 comes with 2 virtually identical external modules: One is a Computer Control Module and one is the Power Supply / Computer.

The Kuzma XL Air is also coming (how could we not) and this is set up with Kuzma SAFIR 9 and CAR 60.

Living Voice at High End 2023

SJS electronics: Silver Enhanced Line / Power / Phono. Two Consolidated Audio Monster Can step-up: Silver Nano and Copper Nano. All of this sitting on two Living Voice G2 tables, playing off grid from our Living Voice Regulated Battery Power Supply System.

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