Longdog for Unitiserve


Created by Longdog Audio and distributed by MCRU the XLCR was designed specifically to power the Naim Unitiserve. Un-like the existing power brick supplied with the unit the XLCR is a fully regulated linear power supply. It is well documented that switch mode power supplies (SMPS) can degrade sound quality, a linear design takes away a lot of the grunge that an SMPS injects into the mains system resulting in far better sound quality. The Longdog Audio 5A power supply was designed as a high quality, low noise power source for the current generation of computer based audio components. Many digital audio sources are supplied as standard with a small, efficient (and cheap) switch mode power supplies. They are wonders of electrical technology, offering small size, a wide range of input voltages and high current output. But the one thing they all fail at to some extent is providing smooth, quiet, regulated power.

High power linear supplies suffer from low efficiency and produce a lot of heat, the Longdog Audio 5A supply avoids this by making use of the latest semiconductor technology. High current MOSFET transistors are used to regulate power with less than half a volt voltage drop, that means a 12v 5A supply can operate with only 2.5W of wasted heat. The LDA design doesn’t require external heatsinks, relying instead on aluminium casework to dissipate the â€¨small amount of heat generated. This means that the supply can be operated continuously at full power yet still only become warm to the touch.

The XLCR is made in 230V and 120V versions and can be shipped globally. It has a one metre cable terminated with a 4 pin DIN connector for the power supply and an audiophile Oyaide DC plug to connect to the Unitiserve. With an on/off switch and IEC mains power inlet on the rear, the unit has a green LED on the front panel. It’s bigger than a Unitiserve at 205 x 320 x 130mm (WxDxH) and costs £995. For more info see

Longdog psu square

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