LP12 goes boo


Manchester retailers Brian and Trevor liked the Quadraspire bamboo stands so much that they commissioned them to build a plinth for the Linn LP12 turntable. The result is booplinth, a one piece solid bamboo laminate plinth with none of the joints, screws and clamps of the standard plinth. It even eschews all but one of the corner braces found in the standard item on account of the intrinsic rigidity being so much higher.

booplinth black

According to Brian Morris booplinth was designed to “address and correct inherent plinth pollution”, which simply put means reduce coloration and increase resolution. The result is said to deliver considerably greater detail and musicality, and in some quarters is reckoned to be a bigger upgrade than Linn’s Keel and Radikal. Veteran British reviewer Roy Gregory told us he thinks it’s the biggest LP12 upgrade he has heard, so it could be good. At £1,650 including fitting booplinth is available in natural bamboo, ebony, cherry and black finishes.

Jason Kennedy

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