Lumin D3 streamer with bells on

Lumin D3 streamer

Lumin D3 network streamer

Building on the success of the Lumin D1 and D2, the Lumin D3 network music player brings the audiophile potential of music streaming within everyone’s reach. Sound Design Distribution, an independent UK distribution company specialising in premium quality audio systems is delighted to announce the availability of the Lumin D3 streamer.

Combining new processing hardware/software within a new and compact all-aluminium chassis, the D3 delivers improved features and increased resampling flexibility while retaining all the musicality of its acclaimed D1 and D2 forbears.

With the latest Lumin processing onboard and sporting the silky chassis surface of Lumin’s high-end P1 player, the D3’s fully balanced design offers music streaming aficionados arguably the most compatible and comprehensive feature set available at the price, and with Lumin’s powerful and intuitive app at their fingertips, the easiest and most tactile high quality access to the entire online music universe.

The D3 will support UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension (OpenHome); Roon Ready, Plex, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Qobuz, FLAC lossless radio, Tunein radio, AirPlay 2, gapless playback, on-device playlist and multi-room (Songcast). Supported audio file formats include DSD: DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD), DoP (DSD), PCM: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, AIFF; MP3, AAC (in M4A container) and MQA.

Lumin D3 streamer

Powerful new processing feeding a new output stage built around the Sabre DAC ES9028PRO chip, renders PCM up to 384kHz, 32-bit, and DSD up to DSD2S6, 1-bit, delivering upsampling and downsampling to every supported format up to DSD2S6/PCM384. Inputs include RJ45 1000Base-T gigabit ethernet and USB, while outputs include XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced analogue and BNC S/PDIF digital for PCM 44.1kHz-192kHz, 16-24bit and DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1bit.

Control over the D3’s feature-rich capabilities is provided by the celebrated Lumin app, which features native support for Tidal, MQA, Qobuz and Tunein Radio. A flawlessly easy user experience is optimised with support for high-resolution artwork, artwork caching, search, multiple tag handling, composer tag support, album-grouping in playlist, automatic internet links to artists/album/songs, and the saving and restoring of playlists (including Tidal and Qobuz).

In addition, the most precise control over volume is offered by Leedh processing, a digital volume adjustment algorithm that is designed to eliminate rounding errors now included (at no additional cost) on all Lumin players.

Lumin D3 will be available in silver or black this October for £2,195.

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