Martin Logan Motion series lands

marin logan motion series loudspeakers

Martin Logan is renowned for its electrostatic loudspeakers but they only represent a third of the product range, now PMC Distribution is bringing the new Motion Series of dynamic models to the UK for the first time. 

The range consists of the 15i (£795) and 35TXi (£1,195) bookshelf speakers and 20i (£1,595), 40i (£1,995) and 60TXi (£2,995) floorstanders alongside two centre channels. They are finished in matte white, red walnut or gloss black and feature reinforced baffles that claim to “virtually eliminate cabinet resonances”.

Each speaker has aFolded Motion planar tweeter, a technology that claims to provide the “accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel from a compact driver”. Aluminium cone drive units are used to “generate a broad, realistic midrange, with dynamics that smoothly blend with deep, musical bass, thanks to the exacting tolerances of the custom, hand-built crossovers.” The bookshelf speakers are two-way designs and the three floorstanding models are three-ways.

Martin Logan’s Folded Motion tweeters have a lightweight, thin-film transducer which is crimped into an accordion-like structure to increase the surface area, giving Folded Motion tweeters 8–10 times more surface area than typical tweeters. This combination of light and large is said to produce “higher levels of accuracy, more extended bandwidth, and higher output capability. All Folded Motion and Folded Motion XT (larger driver) models demonstrate a faster, more efficient transient response and virtually zero distortion, making the perfect for critical music reproduction”.

The aluminium mid and bass drivers are custom built with high-power magnet structures. These “deliver massive excursion and sound output and maximise power handling capability, while at the same time preserving the minute details in the music, without a hint of colouration. A new concave dust cap design reinforces the strength and rigidity of the cone while reducing break up modes.”

Linking the elements of the speaker together are the proprietary Vojtkotm crossover networks. Straightforward topologies, using “high-quality polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors and custom wound inductors, coupled with pragmatic, real-world voicing delivers a reliable, realistic performance in any listening space.”The Motion Series will be available from October 2019.

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