MCRU Pinnacle power cable


Following a five-year research programme into the effects of mains 
electricity supply on hi-fi equipment, MCRU is proud to introduce 
 Pinnacle, its very best mains power cord.

 Pinnacle employs cryo-treated (DCT) cable and incorporates 

”Quantum technology” to improve the efficiency of current flow and 

signal transmission. Nothing has been spared in the quest to provide 
 the best mains lead available today.

 Each component – from the cable and its termination, to the filtration 

in the central enclosure, fuse, earthing, mains plug and IEC connector – 
 has been optimised for the finest possible sound. Meticulous attention 
 to detail has resulted in a class-leading product offering tangible sonic 
 improvements, no matter where it is used. 

Pinnacle is available in two versions – standard and high current, the 
 latter with thicker-gauge cable. All terminations are from Furutech of Japan. Standard length is two metres, and extra cable can be specified 

on order placement. 

UK, EU, AUS, USA mains plugs are available as well as standard or 
high current IEC connectors. It can be used to power mains conditioners, mains regenerators, balanced mains units, mains extension blocks and individual components. 

MCRU believes that the cable from the AC mains wall socket to your mains conditioner or mains block is the most important cable in your 
 hi-fi system – it determines the quality of sound it’s able to deliver. 

The MCRU Pinnacle standard version is £1,265 (2m, terminated), 

and the high current version is £1,665 (2m, terminated).

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