Melco upgrades S100 switch

S100 Room

Melco’s new S100/2 switch builds on the pioneering original ‘audiophile’ data switch with key performance upgrades. Melco’s S100 is largely credited as the original ‘audiophile’ data switch; the new S100/2 is a step up, it says here.

As part of Melco’s continual improvement programme, the new S100/2 has been upgraded in two key areas and now includes higher-bandwidth connectivity, plus a new and improved internal Melco power supply; the S100/2 is hand-made in Japan. It includes trickle-down technology and design ideas from the flagship two-box S10 switch.

S100 Cut out Rear lo crop

When conceptualising the second-generation version, Melco’s engineers identified the increasing demands placed on networks and data switches in the home where, in addition to audio devices, TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles etc. all put demands on bandwidth. The new S100/2 has six one-gigabit ethernet ports, coupled with two 100 megabit ethernet ports for audio. The configuration retains the speed-mix advantages of the original S100, and offers greater speeds to bandwidth-hungry devices while retaining dedicated audio ports. Internally, the S100/2 gains an improved power circuit board with a carefully selected AC adapter.

The S100/2 also retains the SFP (small form factor pluggable) connections seen in the original model, which allow upgrades to optical fibre connections with compatible devices, for greater noise isolation and sonic performance. Finally, an LED indicator on/off button is included, allowing users to switch off the ‘flash’ effect as data is being transferred. Despite a backdrop of widespread global inflation, Melco has implemented the key upgrades in the new Japanese-made S100/2 without increasing the price. The S100/2 is in silver or black at £2,099.

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