Merason pow1 PSU for frérot DAC


Merason has added the pow1 regulated linear PSU for its frérot entry level DAC. Designed exclusively for the Merason frérot it generates -12V and +12V, both regulated in two ways; the second regulation being particularly low- noise and discrete. The rectifier diodes built into the pow1 are special types which, in contrast to usual rectifier diodes, do not produce any spikes, and therefore no interference in the supply. The reference voltage for the regulation of the +/- 12V supply is generated by a precise IC instead of the usual Zener diodes. 

This gives the advantage of a supply that is exactly matched to the needs of the frérot, where the pow1 directly powers the output stage. In addition, the pow1 is robustly constructed with a toroidal transformer manufactured according to Merason’s specifications, incorporates a metal housing with a shielding cover, and is Swiss made. 

Merason states that the pow1 increases performance significantly. The pow1 will be available from Whole Note Distribution in May at a price of £595.

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