Meridian 808v6 Signature Reference CD player


Meridian has introduced the latest generation of the 808, a proud member of the 800 Reference Series, specifically developed to render the “very best sound” from compact disc and network audio. In addition, the 808v6 now decodes Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) sources.
Part of the Reference 800 Series, the 808v6 is the “highest performance” CD player ever manufactured by Meridian. The latest edition offers several significant improvements including the decoding and rendering of MQA sources to deliver studio quality reproduction – guaranteed – via both digital and analogue outputs. At the heart of Meridian’s ultimate music system, the 808v6 offers CD playback from an internal CD-ROM based drive which allows for data recovery and error correction, as well as external analogue and digital sources.
Meridian strongly believes that CD remains a significant music source, with an impressive depth of recorded catalogue. All the more reason, then, for the company to continue its quest to make compact disc replay sound the very best it possibly can.

Meridian 808V6 rear

New Features
Built-in MQA decoder – fully supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) encoded music playback, guaranteeing a studio master quality experience.
Upgraded S/PDIF and USB receivers – enables USB and RCA inputs to receive up to 192 kHz digital audio.
Enhanced DSP chip – offers lip-sync control, DSD playback (DoP) and MQA rendering capability for analogue outputs. The analogue outputs also feature bass, treble and balance controls.
Improved analogue output card – features an upgraded circuit with filtering that broadens the bandwidth, and maximises the potential of high-resolution music

Product Highlights
Audiophile CD player incorporating full controller/preamp functionality with Meridian technology including ROM drive, triple FIFO buffering and DSP apodising upsampling filter to deliver the best possible “high definition” sound from CD.
Advanced S/PDIF receiver enables Meridian SpeakerLink interconnection: twin outputs for simple, robust “home run” installation.
Direct connection to a Meridian Sooloos System for the highest possible sound quality digital media playback, with direct Play Queue control.
Advanced linear power supply.
Available in Black and the complete range of 270 Meridian Select colours.
Recommended Retail Price 808v6: £11,000. Meridian Select bespoke colour service is available at a £500.00 upcharge.


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