Mola Mola Lupe takes vinyl to the max

Mola Mola Lupe phono stage in the UK

Mola Mola Lupe phono stage in the UK

Sound Design Distribution is proud to announce the UK availability of Mola Mola’s Lupe MM/MC Phono Stage: ‘probably the most versatile ever built’. Esoteric audio separates maker Mola Mola has developed the RIAA phono stage from its Makua preamplifier and Kula integrated amplifier to create an enhanced standalone component dubbed Lupe. In the process, Mola Mola has re-engineered the design, equipping the Lupe with fully independent MC/MM stages, each with short signal paths, optimised for low current noise and voltage noise respectively.

In designing ‘the quietest and probably most versatile phono stage ever built’, Mola Mola has integrated unprecedented levels of fine signal adjustment. Input gain is switchable in 5dB steps over a 40dB range. Input resistance and capacitance are individually switchable. Available EQ settings cover practically all known cutting curves including one for Shellac 78s.

Mola Mola Lupe phono stage in the UK

Fine calibration via analogue switches is controlled from the Mola Mola Remote app or stored directly under preset buttons. Lupe can be configured to route any of the four inputs – three single-ended and one balanced – through the phono stage, allowing multiple turntables and/or cartridges to be connected. There are two outputs; balanced and single-ended.

Complete with a dedicated power supply and subsonic filter, and with an ‘at a glance’ display set within Mola Mola’s characteristically stylish half-sized rippled chassis, Lupe provides the discerning vinyl aficionado with easy control over the most accurate means to maximise performance. Typical retail price £7,299.

Input noise (MC): 0.35nV/rtHz
Input noise (MM): 0.9pA/rtHz
Sensitivity: variable from 30uV to 5mV
THD, IMD: not measurable
RIAA conformance: +/-0.1dB
Subsonic filter -3dB @20Hz
4 fully programmable presets
Mola Mola Remote app
Dimensions: 200mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 320mm (D)
Weight: 5.1kg

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