Mytek Clef portable DAC


Mytek, manufacturer of the Brooklyn and Manhattan II DACs, is introducing their new Mytek Clef mobile hi-res audio headphone amplifier + DAC. It offers up to 24 bit/192k and DSD128 playback, with driverless USB Class 2, MQA capability, plus aptX Bluetooth and AAC.

Clef has a Hi-Res Sabre 9018 DAC chipset, “easily driving quality headphones at twice the volume of typical smartphones”. Tentatively priced at $299, and expected to ship in Q2, 2017, the Mytek Clef is designed to drive most demanding high quality headphones and in-ear monitors, providing portable hi-res music playback anywhere. It can also be coupled wirelessly with any Smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth aptX — or AAC connection to iPhone 7. The Clef is only the second portable device to offer MQA music playback when connected to a computer via mini-USB. Italso allows for taking the phone calls while listening to music through non-microphone headphones and has a host of additional hi-res DSP audio features.

clef right back view

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