Nagra Reference MC

Nagra Reference cartridge tonearm

The Nagra Reference MC cartridge will be available in 4 and 6 Ohm variants and features a number of significant and unique elements. While traditional moving coil transducers utilize a single layer coil body, the Nagra Reference MC cartridge employs a double layer coil body wound with “hyper-pure” silver windings. The 6 Ohm Reference outputs 0.45mV @ 5cm/S. The 4 Ohm Reference achieves an output of 0.30mV @ 5 cm/S.

A ruby cantilever is mated to a high strength titanium structure featuring a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. The titanium structure of the coil body/cantilever interface addresses a traditional source of resonance and substantially reduces vibration unrelated to the musical signal. The stylus tip is a Swiss produced, Fritz Gyger S profile chosen for its wonderful combination of detail retrieval and musicality.

The connector pins eliminate the commonly found connection joint between the pin and the coil. In the case of the Reference MC, the pin is a continuous single piece from its external end point to its internal point of contact with the coil, resulting in a welcome lowering of inductance.

In addition to the extensive focus on the generator system and groove/stylus/ cantilever interface, Nagra’s engineers paid great attention to the Reference MC cartridge body. Substantial material science investigation lead them to a non-ferrous alloy called Exium AM. This is the result of a collaboration between the CNES (the French equivalent of NASA), the Ecole de Mines de Paris and the French firm LBI Foundries. It was developed to address the need for an alloy with very high damping properties – a necessary attribute for a particular Mars mission whose purpose was to measure minute seismic activities on the red planet. The Reference cartridge utilizes an Exium AM inlay at the critical interface between cartridge generator and the cartridge body. In order to produce a cartridge of optimal weight for the Reference Anniversary tonearm, while maintaining high internal damping properties, a proprietary super magnesium alloy is used for the balance of the cartridge body. Initial units are scheduled to be delivered in December at price of $18,500.

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