Native DSD DAC for peanuts


The world’s first native DSD/DXD/PCM DAC. That’s what ifi are calling it’s new Nano series iDSD. This pocket size, portable converter will play native DSD using the DOP (DSD over PCM) protocol and will cost “less than £200” when it’s launched in December. The battery powered iDSD (above and below left) is designed primarily for use with smartphones and the DSD and high res PCM playback apps that are appearing for them, the latest is from Onkyo, but has obvious appeal for anyone wanting a beer budget all singing computer audio system. Input is via USB and output is on RCA and volume controlled headphone connections.
The Nano range will also include a battery powered headphone amp called iCan (below right). This features a 3D HolographicSound system and XBass and features a 150mW output, listening time is said to be 60 hours and price is as with the iDSD. Both Nano units measure 79mm (3 inches) in length. ifi's latest accessory is the USB iPurifier, a thumbdrive sized device that's designed to clean up both the audio and power in a USB signal, it will cost $99.


ifi ican idsd

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