Neat Majistra isobaric standmount


Neat Acoustics have announced the Majistra loudspeaker, the fourth model in their Strata range to sit alongside the Ministra, Ekstra and Orkestra. The new model follows the format of the standmount Ministra model, but in larger form using the drive unit line-up from the top-of-the-range Orkestra.

Design features include isobaric bass configuration with a second driver behind the one you see, a true-ribbon tweeter and a separate sub-baffle for the front drivers. The Majistra’s crossover is hand-built using point-to-point wiring with some of the best components available.

The two 164mm bass-mid drivers in this arrangement produce a truly phenomenal bass extension and control, usually only found in larger floorstanding designs. Coupled with high frequencies from the ribbon tweeter, the Majistra brings an engaging and convincing presentation of all forms of music into the room. Shipping from mid-September, the UK retail price is £3,495.

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