Neat Orkestra takes off


Combining elements from the Ekstra and the Prestige Ultimatum XL6 Model, the Orkestra (£5,485) is a new 2.5 way loudspeaker from Neat that incorporates a 75mm true ribbon tweeter, and three Peerless 170mm main drive units. For a full range loudspeaker, the Orkestra has a very small footprint and can be easily accommodated in compact spaces. Accordign to its makers it “combines stunning bass power with delicacy, it delivers a comprehensive depiction of all types of music”. 

The upper section houses a ribbon tweeter wtih a 170mm drive unit handling bass and midrange, thus acting as a sealed 2-way speaker in its own right. The lower section features two downward-facing 170mm drive units in iso-baric configuration, handling only the very low bass frequencies as if it were an integrated subwoofer. 

The crossover is a minimal design, employing 1st and 2nd order slopes. The crossover components are all hard-wired, with point-to-point connections in order to maximise integrity. The crossover components are of premium audiophile quality and include high voltage polypropylene capacitors and low loss air- cored inductors. 

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