Network Acoustics raises the streaming bar


Network Acoustics have followed their Eno ethernet filter and digital cables with a new reference range, Muon. Featuring the company’s latest filtering technology Muon goes even further than Eno to remove unwanted electrical noise that is otherwise transmitted into audio systems via Ethernet, USB and other digital connections. 

Muon represents the culmination and realisation of everything Network Acoustics’ founders have learnt on their mission to realise the full sonic potential of streamed music. Network Acoustics have taken a zero compromise approach to everything, from product design to the choice of materials, components, and processes used to manufacture. 

Network Acoustics co-founder Richard Trussell said: “With the Muon ethernet filter installed in your system, instruments and voices gain a beauty and correctness of tone that will be a new experience for you. There’s also more detail, better layer separation and dynamics in a wide, three-dimensional sound stage, with tonal clarity and top-to-bottom coherency, where your music just sounds right.”


The range includes the Muon ethernet filter and two cables – a streaming cable and USB. Customers can also buy the streaming cable and streaming filter as a Muon streaming system package. 

Handmade in the UK and individually tested against the original reference product, each Muon cable or filter is sold with free worldwide shipping, a 30-day ‘try-it-at-home’ money back guarantee, and a one-year warranty. 

Muon Streaming Cable (1 metre) £995 (ex UK VAT: £829) 
Muon Ethernet Filter £1,295 (ex UK VAT: £1079) 
Muon Streaming System (Inc: Muon Ethernet Filter & 1 metre Streaming Cable) £1795 (ex UK VAT £1495) 
Muon USB Cable (1 metre) £1,295 (ex UK VAT: £1079) 


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