Network streaming from Primare


Karma-AV has unleashed Primare’s bijou NP5 network player (£450) in the UK, bringing the Swedish brand’s Prisma network tech to any system with a digital input. Incorporating all the functionality found in their latest award winning Prisma enabled models, including AirPlay 2*, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, Roon Ready* and Spotify Connect, in addition to network connected hard drive control, NP5 Prisma also allows for volume adjustment and input selection for previous Primare models with RS232 inputs, all using the comprehensive Prisma control app.

Specifically designed to be small enough to slip inconspicuously into any system setup, NP5 Prisma can be used with any product with a digital input, both stereo and multi-channel, Primare or other brands, to provide full Prisma connectivity and control, making it the network player for anyone and any system.


AirPlay 2*; Bluetooth; Roon Ready*; Spotify Connect; Chromecast built-in; Over 160 streaming services available, including Roon endpoint; Simplified network connection using Google Home app; Voice control through Google Home devices and Google Assistant; Multi-room/multi-zone connection and control through a variety of platforms: AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast built-in, and Prisma; Wired (LAN) and Wireless (WLAN) connection; USB A input; RCA and Toslink outputs with choice of 48, 96, 192 output for connection with any digital to analogue converter; Prisma application for setup of operating features and control of network connected hard drives for high resolution file playback up 24/192 PCM and DSD128; RS232 control connection with included RS232 cable allowing for Prisma APP control on past Primare models: volume control; mute; power on/off; input selection; Dimensions (H x W x D mm): 36 x 143 x 125mm.

Primare rewards 
The NP5 Prisma Update Programme offers owners of PRE60, NP30, I32 MM30, PRE32 MM30, SP32, SP33, SPA22 and SPA23 models the NP5 Prisma at 50% off of the suggested retail price with presentation of original invoice and/or verifiable serial number to authorised Primare dealer. NP5 Prisma Update Program Price £225.

*It is anticipated that NP5 Prisma will launch with AirPlay 2 at the end of October, but if not this will come in a future update, with Roon Ready capability coming soon afterward in a subsequent update.


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