New owners at Densen


Thomas Sillesen has sold Densen, the company he founded in founded in 1993. Casper Reinhold and Ditlev Leth has taken over stock and IP-rights from Densen. Ditlev Leth has worked for Thomas Sillesen for a number of years, while Casper Reinhold is a perennial Densen fan and owner of the EMS (electronic manufacturing service) company Tridane. 
Utilizing Casper Reinholds production capabilities in Tridane, Densen will move every step of the production in-house, after parts of the production has been outsourced for some years. Everything from the first resistor placed on the PCB, to the final screw in the cabinet, will be done in-house by Densen technicians in the Northern region of Jutland in Denmark. Though the outsourcing was done with internationally recognized Danish companies, moving everything back in-house will allow for even tighter quality control in every single step in the production line, which further improves the production quality.
“Densen is an internationally recognized, acknowledged and strong brand with a solid foundation, which has brought many hours of musical enjoyment to it’s fans around the world. The time has now come to take the next step with Densen, and further secure the brands position among the very best of what Danish hi-fi design has to offer.”

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