No Retro: Fyne F702SP and F703SP Special Production

Fyne F702SP and F703SP Special Production

Fyne Audio F702SP and F703SP loudspeakers

Fyne Audio has launched a dynamic and contemporary new loudspeaker range, building on the styles of the F700 models with flagship F1 Series engineering. The F702SP and F703SP’ Special Production’ models will launch at Bristol, demonstrating how the brand has re-engineered technology and cutting-edge advancements from the flagship F1 Series into modern, stylish cabinets in sleek contemporary finishes.

Arguably Fyne‘s most ambitious move into mainstream premium loudspeaker aesthetics to date, the F702SP and F703SP merge the performance of the mighty F1-8S and F1-10S into the sumptuous, contemporary curved cabinets of the F700 models and bolster the engineering with F1 scale build and finishing.

Fyne F702SP and F703SP Special Production

F1 Series Isoflare drivers, F1 Series Basstrax porting system and its massive sandwich aluminium plinth architecture give the F702SP and F703SP a significant performance upgrade over the standard F700 Series models. Internally, upgraded electronics and Deep Cryogenic Treatment of the entire crossover in Fyne’s own cryo-chamber in Glasgow, alongside the best available internal cabling from Neotech and terminals from WBT, make this Fyne’s highest-performance UK-built SP models to date.

Comments Fyne Audio’s Sales Director, Max Maud, “We have never shied away from creating truly unique looking loudspeakers, particularly with our signature F1 Series that lead with our most unique and patented technologies. The F1 aesthetic certainly polarises opinion, and customers have been asking us for a premium Fyne loudspeaker using the best of our technologies in a more contemporary cabinet – like the F700 Series.”

“We set our head of Design, Dr Paul Mills, to seamlessly merge our F1 technology and performance with the F700 floorstanding cabinets for our latest Special Production project. The result offers much of the performance and pedigree of the F1-8S and F1-10S flagship models in a stunning contemporary design with the widest aesthetic appeal,” adds Max.

Fyne F702SP and F703SP Special Production


Key to both new SP models are the Isoflare point-source drivers. In the F703SP, the driver has been ported over from the F1-10S, with the same massive neodymium HF magnet system and 3″ titanium dome. The conductive nature of the magnet minimises distortion by damping voice coil inductance losses, resulting in lower distortion and more even frequency response, giving improved high-frequency performance. The F702SP uses the driver from the F1-8S, with a different HF waveguide to best align the HF dispersion pattern with the F702SP cabinet.

Internally, the new F700SP Series crossovers have redesigned circuit topography, and components have trickled down from the F1 series. That includes Claritycap high-grade capacitors, Neotech’s PC-OCC wiring and WBT Nextgen 0703 terminals. Once the crossover is hand built and soldered, the entire unit is deep cryogenically treated in Fyne’s Glasgow factory. This relaxes stresses in materials, components and particularly solder joints and cables to maximise signal transparency.

Fyne F702SP and F703SP Special Production

Most visually striking upgrade over the standard F702 and F703 models in the SP Series heavyweight F1 grade machined aluminium plinths. This massive double-layer design forms part of the BassTrax porting system, where the cabinet’s LF port fires downwards onto a Tractrix profile cone to create 360-degree bass energy radiation. The result is a smoother LF response with more forgiving room integration. The plinth features M12 threaded support cones, adjustable from above for easy levelling.

To mark the launch of these premium loudspeakers, in addition to the F700 Series standard Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss Walnut and Piano Gloss White finish options, the new F702SP and F703SP will also be available in a satin natural walnut veneer. F702SP : SRP-£11,999.99 (all finishes), F703SP : SRP-£14,999.99 (all finishes)

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