Outing the Geek


Geek is an ambitious new brand from Light Harmonic, makers of the £20,000 Da Vinci DAC. The Geek Out is an asynchronous USB 2.0 DAC and Class A headphone amplifier that’s said to have benefitted from technology developed for the Da Vinci DAC. Geek Out is claimed to implement “advanced proprietary audio technology that emulates the way your ears hear” and “can play any current or anticipated audio format”. Geek Out’s amplifier is “10 times more powerful than the headphone amplifier typically used in laptops”, it also has two headphone jacks.

Geek Out comes with Geek Slacker – a six inch (15cm) USB extension cable for a flexible connection to a laptop that is less likely to damage the output. It comes in four colors – black, silver, blue and red – and is expected to hit stores in early April. Prices start at £199 for the 450mW model and rise to £299 for a full Watt of power. Geek Out is available in the UK via an exclusive distribution agreement with Sussex-based Anthem AV Solutions,

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