Peachtree Audio decco65


Peachtree Audio is unleashing its decco65 amplifier/DAC on the UK for an asking price of £849. The decco65 combines a class D digital amplifier and upsampling DAC with a valve buffer preamp. Built into a metal and wood cabinet with a rosewood or cherry finish it can also be supplied in almost any finish as part of a bespoke colour matching service.

The original decco claimed to be the world's first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input and the Peachtree range has been designed to make computer audio easy. It works with Sonos and Apple client devices and operates across a range of formats including AirPlay.

Decco65 consists of a hybrid tube preamp, 65 Watt per channel amplifier, ESS Sabre 24/192 DAC and headphone amp. Galvanic isolation prevents electrical noise from entering the DAC board on all grounded digital inputs. The valve buffer has a stereo triode 6N1P to smooth the harsh digital edge found in poor recordings and can be switched in or out from the remote control. It’s said to be especially useful for lower bit-rate digital audio such as internet radio or streaming services. The headphone output also runs through the tube stage.

The decco65 is available in a gloss black finish at a MSRP of £849 and in rosewood and cherry for £899.

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