Play the wave


La Boite concept and artist SupaKitch bring you the LX Platinum speaker, with a surface inspired by the movement of liquid, echoing the artist’s work on aquatic waves. It’s not a coincidence that this new collaboration draws its inspiration from the liquid, since both SupaKitch and Timothée Cagniard (La Boite concept) share a common passion for surfing. Meeting on the Basque beaches for inspiration, they imagined a design concept that would highlight their unique creative expression and individual signature styles. 

The SupaKitch LX Turntable Special Edition loudspeaker boasts “orchestral quality sound, thanks to the Wide Sound 3.0 patent, which allows stable sound reproduction wherever the listener is positioned in the room. SupaKitch reinterprets the LX speaker created by designer Clément Hellegouarch for La Boite Concept.” 

Total power: 315W
Sound level in dB at 1m: 104 dB
Suitable for rooms up to 200 m2
Configuration: Five channel/4.1

Five Class D amplifiers 8 ohms with 1 x 180W, 1 x 90W, 2 x 25W, 2 x 20W RMS
THD: 0.1%

Front: 2 x fiberglass mid-range with aluminum cone
Back: 2 x TWZ tweeters with cones and bullet equipped with internal convex deflectors
Downwards: 1 x bass reflex woofer with long excursion cellulose pulp cone

Phono: Built-in phono preamp
1 x AUX 3.5mm
1 x RCA stereo pair
Bluetooth 4.2 with Apt-X audio codec
DAC: Wolfson 
1 x Toslink SPDIF optical input (24bits/192kHz)
1 x USB input.

Headphone output:
Power: 220V socket
Wireless charger: Yes 
2 x USB power outlets

Finishes: Oak, Walnut


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