PMC has gone to great lengths to domesticate its heavyweight studio monitors before unleashing them on an unsuspecting public. SE versions of the IB2, MB2 and the BB5 flagship are to be offered in a cladding of rose and rich macassar veneers with Nextel coating metalwork and matching veneered stands.

The SE speakers are not merely a prettified versions of their pro cousins, they have re-designed cabinets in order to reduce resonance and the PMC 75 midrange dome driver has gained a profiled dispersion flange for greater clarity and imaging precision. The detailing on the terminal panel has also been refined to keep it in line with the high quality finish of the speakers as a whole. These models will be demonstrated at next month’s Bristol show and if you want to hear what real dynamics are all about I recommend you book a seat.

PMC designer Peter Thomas commented, “Our i series has been a fantastic success all across the world, building upon our studio heritage to bring accurate music reproduction to music lovers in the home. Now, with the SE editions, we have improved the performance of these models even further so that the most discerning of audiophiles can enter right into the heart of their music and hear it sounding just like it did in the studio.”

The pricing is as follows:

IB2SE £13,475.00
MB2SE £16,100.00
MB2 XBDSE (Twin cabinet) £29,499.00
BB5SE £24,999.00


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