Primaluna’s hybrid Floyd

Primaluna floyd

Primaluna’s first hybrid integrated amplifier Floyd comes with a tube pre-stage section and a 100W Mosfet power stage. Durob’s Jan de Groot designed the latter. Mosfets are the closest in solid-state to tubes and a logical choice for expanding Primaluna’s tube only range. 

The Primaluna pre-stage uses a six piece 12AU7 configuration. The Mosfet power stage uses paired Linear Systems JFETs and 20N20/20P20 Mosfets resulting in a 2 x 100 Watt power rating at 8 Ohm. Hard wiring is used where possible but where PCBs are needed, they use the highest quality PCBs available (2.5mm thick instead of the standard 1.6mm), 105um (usually 35um) gold plated copper tracks.

The PrimaLuna pre-stage uses two power supplies (with two separate transformers), while the power stage comes with a single 500VA transformer. The starting point for all the power supplies is our AC Offset Killer circuit. The amplifier has six inputs (5 x Line RCA, 1 x HT) and outputs (tape out, stereo/mono sub, headphone and speakers, of course). It’s supplied with a fully shielded heavy-metal sub-chassis for the optional MM phono stage. 

PrimaLuna use high-quality parts and wiring including components from Takman, DuRoch, Nichicon, Alps, Linear Systems, Rubycon and Kemet. UK retail £6,198, EU € 6.975. 

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