PrismSound Callia DAC


One of the most prestigious names in studio electronics is making a DAC for us audio nuts! PrismSound’s forthcoming Callia is capable of converting PCM up to 384kHz and DSD at 64 and 128 (1x and 2x) and has both single ended and balanced outputs alongside coax, USB and optical inputs. Based on the British company’s Lyra DACs, which come in different versions according to how many in and outputs you need, Callia has a headphone output with dip switches to suit different impedances and “has been refined to deliver PrismSound’s trademark transparency”.

Due to ship in April with a retail price in the region of £1,300 this is one converter that we are very much looking forward to, not least because PMC boss Peter Thomas (owner of PMC) uses a PrismSound pro DAC for critical listening. In other words, they must be good. The image above is of the pre-production version, there will be minor cosmetic changes to the finished converter.

Prism Callia Rear panel

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