QED Ref 40 gets Analoc2


QED introduces the latest version of its Reference Audio 40 interconnect, featuring second generation Analoc plug technology. This model builds on the first generation Analoc low eddy current design by entirely removing all conductive material from the plug bodies for superior transparency, timing and audio signal integrity. 

The Analoc2 design still features low bulk, high purity copper connectors alongside low mass metal barrels, but now substitutes high rigidity thermoplastic material for both the inner support structure and the cable strain relief to eliminate the detrimental effects of eddy currents. 

To complete the RCA plug’s Analoc2 upgrade and to help combat the skin effect, the hollow, gold (or rhodium) plated, high-purity copper signal-pins are retained, while the effectiveness of the slip ring which locks in place the similarly plated, pure copper ground-terminal as the barrels are tightened, has also been improved.

Reference Audio 40 utilises two silver-plated 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal. “This has the effect of providing an alternative path for high frequency audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway”.

A Zn/Mn ferrite jacket is used within the cordage to absorb very high frequency noise components outside of the audible band that have an adverse effect on the micro-timing of the audio signal. “When measured at very high frequencies, Reference Audio 40 cables exhibit cleaner signal transmission than standard audio interconnects”. Further protection for the silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper (SPOFC) conductors comes in the form of a low loss, low density, dielectric foam polyethylene (LDPE) inner jacket that minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can have a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound compared with cheaper PVC alternatives.

The QED Reference Audio 40 interconnect is available now in the UK/Europe and in the US from December, priced:
£99.95/€125/$139.95 (0.6m length)
£119.95/€149/$169.95 (1m length)
£149.95/€189/$209.95 (3m length)


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