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Digital audio specialist Computer Audio Design has launched a “highly advanced” new USB cable using patent-pending proprietary technology. The new CAD Cable is a “no-compromise” USB cable specifically designed to maximise sound quality from USB-equipped music playback systems. It has been painstakingly designed by CAD’s Scott Berry, a British-based US-born electrical engineer who has worked for some of the biggest names in the electronics world. Hand-made in London the CAD Cable is designed to combat the high-frequency noise inherent in all computer audio sources. CAD has undertaken extensive research into HF noise reduction and used several proprietary methods to address the issue.
CAD is cagey about the exact nature of these but will say that it uses a highly shielded independent cable for the power line. The aim being to minimise the impact of high-frequency noise emanating from a computer's USB power interface. It is designed to “bring dramatic benefits in musicality and naturalness to all digital audio systems, regardless of price”. CAD is so confident music lovers will enjoy the CAD Cable, it is offering a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee! The CAD Cable is priced at £480 for the standard 1.1m length. Other lengths are available to order.

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