Ref 10 Nano Mutec clocking for less

Mutec Ref 10 Nano master clock

Mutec Ref 10 Nano master clock

The Ref 10 Nano is the focused version of an audiophile 10 MHz reference master clock in the superior quality you should expect from clocking specialist Mutec. It is based on the already well-established Ref10, but transfers its technology, praised by many customers and reviewers, into a new, significantly lower price range.

This smallest 10 MHz reference master clock in the Mutec range offers almost all of the important quality features of its big brother Ref10. Based on an oven-controlled quartz oscillator, the Ref 10 Nano delivers excellent values for phase noise and jitter.

“With the Ref 10 Nano, we are responding to many requests from our customers and sales partners who wanted a 10 MHz reference clock generator from Mutec at a lower sales price. The Ref 10 Nano concentrates on the core functions in a compact format and almost achieves the quality of the established Ref10 model, which has been confirmed by many users and critics, but costs only half as much. This new Mutec master clock offers a very attractive entry into audiophile clocking. We are convinced that the Ref 10 Nano is exactly the right product for the current market situation.” Christian Peters, CEO Mutec.

Mutec Ref 10 Nano master clock

Better sound through centralised clocking

Using a reference master clock can significantly improve the sound of a digital audio setup. This applies to the audiophile listener at home as well as to the mastering/recording engineer in a professional A/V studio environment. Including the Ref 10 Nano in a digital audio system results in higher transparency, more clearly defined bass, darker background, better instrument staging and extended imaging.

A wide range of uses

The Ref 10 Nano can be directly connected to up to four 10 MHz-compatible devices. D/A converter, network switches, re-clocker, clock generator, CD player, server or streamer are perfect partners. In case these components do not have a dedicated 10 MHz input, an MC3+ or MC3+ USB interface from Mutec provides the necessary connection between the Ref 10 Nano and the audio equipment to be synchronized.

Audiophile 10 MHz reference master clock with extra low phase noise
Improves and enhances compatible D/A-converters, re-clockers, music servers, network switches, streamers, CD players
Handcrafted extra low phase noise OCXO Made in Germany
Generates a very high slew-rate square wave signal
Four simultaneous usable reference clock outputs with 50 ohms (2x) and 75 ohms (2x) impedance
Galvanic isolation of the independently switchable BNC clock outputs
Sub-Hz optimized, lowest noise power supplies
Integrated international power supply
DC input for finetuning through an external power supply unit
Developed and manufactured in Germany

The Mutec Ref 10 Nano is available with either a black or silver front panel. The recommended retail price in Germany is €1,999 (including local VAT).

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