Revival Audio joins Elite in UK

elite to distribute revival audio in UK

Elite to distribute Revival Audio in UK

Elite Audio UK, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Revival Audio, the celebrated French Hi-Fi brand founded by audio pioneer Daniel Emonts. Revival Audio, a brand born in 2021, brings together the passion and expertise of Daniel Emonts, a master engineer with over 30 years of experience in the hi-end audio industry, and Jacky Lee, a strategic executive with a successful track record in top-tier Danish hi-fi and global brands like IBM and L’Oréal. Their shared vision is to create the finest speakers in the world, and their journey together begins with Revival Audio.

At the core of Revival Audio’s offerings are their proprietary, second-to-none technologies, all meticulously designed and engineered in France. The company takes pride in crafting every detail in-house, ensuring that each product meets their exceptional standards and delivers the next-level listening experience that we know audiophiles crave.

elite to distribute revival audio in UK
Daniel Emonts and Jacky Lee, presumably their socks have been blown off by the latest speakers

Revival Audio offers a range of exceptional loudspeakers, featuring innovative technologies like the RASCTM 28mm tweeter and BSCTM (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofer, designed to provide detailed and extraordinary sound quality. Their dedication to sound purity is also evident in their patented ARID (Anti- Reflection Inner Dome) technology, which eliminates standing waves and extends frequency response. The Ear was very impressed with their Atalante 3 a few months back.

Furthermore, Revival Audio places a strong emphasis on customer relationships, offering benefits such as a 10-year warranty and an inclusive community for hi-fi enthusiasts. Their commitment to transparency and customer-centricity sets them apart in the high end audio industry.

Elite Audio UK will soon make Revival Audio’s extraordinary range of products accessible to UK customers through a network of authorised dealers and online platforms. For more information please visit Elite Audio UK or contact 0800 464 7274, for Revival Audio website visit here.

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