Rotel RAS-5000 covers all bases

Rotel RAS-5000

Rotel RAS-5000 streaming amplifier

Rotel is introducing an extended and enhanced audio solution with the launch of the new Rotel RAS-5000 Stereo integrated amplifier – specially designed to simplify the entertainment space.

The RAS-5000 is an exceptional quality, high power stereo integrated amplifier that effortlessly plays favorite music at the highest quality from Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Airplay 2, Google Cast, Qobuz and thousands of internet radio stations -while seamlessly expanding connectivity options by integrating HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connectivity.

Rotel RAS-5000

As a classic Rotel stereo integrated amplifier, the RAS-5000 offers a comprehensive range of features. In addition to HDMI ARC, there’s a wide array of traditional source inputs including coaxial, optical, RCA analogue, PC-USB and aptX HD Bluetooth.

Both high resolution 24-bit 192kHz music and MQA audio files are rendered with ultimate precision through a bespoke Rotel digital section featuring a premium ESS Digital to Analog converter.

The HDMI ARC connection expands the scope of the RAS-5000 by also offering the highest resolution sound for your favourite TV shows, movies, and games directly from the TV.

Rotel RAS-5000

Audio quality is guaranteed by careful selection of top-grade components including the traditional, Rotel specified over-sized toroidal transformer, allowing the RAS-5000 to effortlessly and consistently deliver a true 220 watts of Class AB output power into 4 ohms.

The specially selected power supply delivers ultra-low-noise power to all critical circuits, with large current reserves for the amplifier output transistors to ensure audio is delivered with deep, controlled bass energy with exceptional fidelity.

The sleek, attractive design of the RAS-5000 is available in a choice of stylish black or sophisticated silver and seamlessly blends into any décor, while the large, high-quality colour display and user-friendly interface ensures effortless operation. Retail Prices: Rotel RAS-5000 $2,999.99, €2.999.00, £2,799.00

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