Someone’s been doing something SLIC


We saw the SLIC Innovations interconnect at the Brighton show, now it’s ready to roll. This new British brand has created the Eclipse ‘C’ interconnect cable. This uses “radical new technology unique to SLIC Innovations, and sounds like no other cable on the market” says David Brook, genuine northerner and linchpin of distributor MCRU.

The name stands for Super Low Interference Cable, which is apparently the philosophy that informs a design that focuses on the susceptibility of conventional audio cables to the ingress of electrical noise. “Proven to drastically reduce signal disturbances created when current flows through conductors, it has been optimised to work across an ultra-wide frequency range – beyond 300MHz. Its precise, stable and permanent geometry delivers performance previously unattainable, regardless of how expensive the materials are.” It says here, however no mention is made of one of the original claims of the brand, that being its potential to put Huddersfield on the audiophile map, which is a pity.

Eclipse ‘C’ costs £492.00 for a 1m stereo pair terminated in “premium” quality RCA phono plugs. Other terminations and lengths are available. For details, see

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