Sons & Sens, Montreux

hotel Suisse Majestic

The Swiss SONS & SENS (sounds & senses) show enters its third year with the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the best Swiss hi-fi manufacturers in an environment which appeals to all the senses.
For SONS & SENS, founders Jean-Pascal Panchard and Pascale Rey have embraced an open less deterministic approach, which is suitable for both the female and male visitor. For their event puts music center stage. Exhibitors cater to this by providing demonstrations in the most comfortable conditions whilst adding many other venues of discovery to contribute to the overall quality experience which awaits the attendees.
The event's layout has been conceptualized as a "Parcours des sens" (parcours for the senses). Between the spaces occupied by hi-fi exhibitors linger small gourmet stops, which offer appetizers and wine tasting. There are also special events like a high-definition Montreux Festival projection, cocktails, an introduction to the fine art of wine and chocolate tasting, the "L'Eveil des Sens" gala music performance and a fine art presentation by Parisian artist Myriam Machi.
After the 2011/2012 events in the Castle of Aigle, SONS & SENS now migrates to the Grand Hotel Suisse-Majestic hotel in downtown Montreux to accommodate the show's growth with more generous space. The exhibitors will occupy rooms and suites that are commensurate in elegance and comfort with the quality of their equipment.
We expect 15 manufacturers from the German and French regions of Switzerland including famous brands Nagra, Rowen, Soulution and Weiss alongside less recognized brands all representing very high-quality Swiss workmanship by teams of dedicated enthusiasts. Because in many cases the global market place is more familiar with top-level Swiss export products than our own domestic audience, it is one of the ambitions of SONS & SENS to become a prestigious showcase for Swiss audio marques and introduce them to all who already appreciate the finer things in life.

SONS & SENS from 11 to 13 October in Montreux

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