Spendor Classic 4/5


Spendor have released the Classic 4/5 bookshelf loudspeaker for £1,600. They describe it as “the most charming and beautifully balanced sounding small Spendor Classic ever. It maintains the captivating warmth and natural clarity and precision of its distinguished predecessors in the Spendor Classic Line. The Spendor Classic 4/5 delivers low frequencies with a remarkable sense of depth and extension. It is notably free from the artificial brightness and over-blown bass which characterises the sound of most modern loudspeakers. The new Spendor Classic 4/5 mirrors the elegant timeless style and finish of the latest generation of Spendor Classic loudspeakers. A style which is considered quite ‘cool’ today”. 

Spendor 15cm bass-mid drive unit 
The Classic 4/5 bass-mid drive unit features a high linearity, high excursion motor-magnet system, a 15cm diameter pressure die-cast magnesium alloy chassis, an EP77 polymer cone, and new surround and suspension materials with outstanding thermal and mechanical stability.

Wide-surround 22mm tweeter 
A 22mm wide-surround tweeter combines the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm to give stable low distortion response over a very wide frequency range. 

Cabinet damping 
Timing is fundamental to the musical experience. In conventional loudspeakers rigid high- density cabinet panels are mass-damped to reduce cabinet-talk. Spurious energy is stored and released slowly. This creates unacceptable blurring and slowing of the sound. Spendor’s solution for the 4/5 cabinet is thin low-mass side panels anchored to a rigid front baffle. Each panel is bonded to a viscoelastic damping pad which dissipates any spurious energy into inaudible heat. 

Crossover network 
A meticulously refined crossover network with precision wound inductors and high-linearity plastic film capacitors integrates the drivers seamlessly in a minimum phase alignment. The network is carefully engineered to achieve an easy to drive 8 ohm load which ensures complete compatibility with all good amplifiers. 

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