Spendor’s sealed box D1


Spendor has produced a bookshelf version of its D7 range topper dubbed D1. The foot high two-way uses the distinctive LPZ (linear pressure zone) tweeter with its micro-foil ‘acoustic lens’ and a new mid-bass driver that combines the company’s EP77 polymer cone with a six inch chassis in magnesium alloy. The D7 replaces Spendor’s SA1 as the most ambitious standmount in the range, price reflects this at £1,795.

The D1 has thin wall, high density cabinet panels that are mass damped and asymmetrically braced in order to disperse standing waves. More controversially it’s a sealed, infinite baffle design rather than being ported. This is usually good for bass solidity but less so for ease of drive but Spendor has made the D1 a relatively unchallenging load for partnering amplifiers by keeping the impedance minimum to 6.7 Ohms in the context of 85dB sensitivity. The D1 has a single pair of terminals with silver plated internal wiring, finishes are dark ebony, Spendor dark and white and an optional stand is available for £595.



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