Switch your playlists to hi-res with Qobuz & Soundiiz

qobuz Hi-Res audio

Switching your music streaming service to appreciate the magic of studio quality hi-res audio is easier than you think.

Qobuz, the leading high-quality music brand, works with a service called Soundiiz that can quickly and seamlessly transfer your tracks and playlists across platforms. The service usually costs £4.50-a-month but is free for Qobuz subscribers, with a handy how-to guide .

Whether you’ve been on the fence about giving hi-res music streaming a try or looking to gift someone special a Qobuz subscription this Christmas, all you need is your laptop or phone, a decent pair of headphones, and the best hi-res music streaming service on the planet.

Choose from a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year subscription gift card, personalise your message and share. Subscription gifts start from just £38.97 (for three months). Gift Cards are also available, from £15.00 – £150.00, for those who want to buy, download and enjoy their favourite albums in the highest quality for years to come from the Qobuz download store (no subscription necessary).

Did you know?

1/ Hi-res audio is defined as ‘lossless audio that is capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better than CD quality music sources”. Put simply, your music will sound better than ever.
2/ More labels and artists than ever before put out albums in full (24-bit) hi-res.
3/ High-end listening devices are more affordable than ever with most computers and Android devices already compatible without additional hardware.
4/ iPhone users can purchase a smaller DAC connector from brands like Astell & Kern to max their music to 24-bit hi-res.
5/ Qobuz is the world leader in 24-bit hi-res downloads, offering more than 100+ million tracks for streaming in unequalled sound quality.

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