Talkin’ ’bout a new Revolution


The new Revolution XT series is the launchpad for some of Tannoy’s most advanced technologies to date. A new Dual Concentric driver and dual-cavity reflex coupled enclosures build on the Revolution series’ trapezoid cabinet design. Revolution XT is Tannoy’s first loudspeaker series to use the new Dual Concentric driver with Omnimagnet motor and Torus Ogive Waveguide. Both HF and LF drive units utilise a single shared magnet and a “revolutionary” waveguide integrating a Torus (donut shaped) HF diaphragm and an Ogive (bullet shaped) phase plug for improved time alignment and coherence. The design allows the high frequency unit to be moved forward and yet remain physically time-aligned to the LF cone. The shallower waveguide, with its more aggressive flare, allows rapid expansion of the wavefront, improving high frequency directivity.
Revolution XT cabinets are based on the Revolution formula of a trapezoid design to reduce internal reflections, and heavyweight, braced construction. The floorstanding models (XT 6F and XT 8F) employ a reflex-coupled dual cavity design. This optimises the performance of the new Omnimagnet Dual across extremely low to mid-bass frequencies, the design uses two internal cavities with tuned porting between the two. This is said to further refine instrumental accuracy and communication throughout the lower registers and, by reducing vertical standing waves, delivers exceptional tight and controlled bass down to the lowest organ notes. The Revolution XT plinth is an integral part of the design’s acoustic engineering. It offers exceptional stability and forms part of the reflex loading system on the XT6 bookshelf, and the 6” and 8” floorstanding models. On these three models, energy exits from a down-firing port and is evenly directed into the room. In addition, the design reduces room boundary effects and facilitates easy loudspeaker placement.
Revolution XT cabinets are available in either dark walnut or medium oak real wood veneers and finished with extensive detailing. They feature engraved aluminium driver trims and a Tannoy logo machined into each driver bolt which is a nice touch. The integrated plinth on floorstanding models features chunky aluminium floors spikes with a locking thumb wheel and chrome pillars. The Revolution XT6 stand mount and XTC centre-channel model have matching plinth assemblies for stability and style. The XTC plinth allows the speaker to be tilted up and down for seamless integration above or below a TV or behind an acoustically transparent projection screen.

RS9664 Rev XT8F Dark 3Q Goff RS9671 Rev XT8F Med 3Q Goff lpr

Available now:
Revolution XT 8F     walnut/oak    £1,299 pair (above)
Revolution XT 6F    walnut/oak    £999 pair (below)
Revolution XT 6    walnut/oak    £599 pair

Available late spring 2015:
Revolution XT Mini    walnut/oak    £399 pair
Revolution XTC centre    walnut/oak    £399 each

XT6 Dark 3Q Goff lpr


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