Tangent Ampster BT micro amp


Tangent’s new Ampster BT is a micro sized amplifier with a big sound and a host of connectivity options including wireless Bluetooth 4.0, digital optical input, analogue RCA and AUX inputs and a Sub output. When left idle on the Bluetooth source, the Ampster BT will go to standby and wake automatically when you start playing a Bluetooth source again. Compact but powerful, the Ampster BT provides 2 x 50 Watts (into four Ohms) of presumably class D power controlled by a stylish remote to switch between sources and volume level. The Ampster is available in the UK now at an affordable retail price of £149.95.

Tangent don’t specify but spec and price would indicate that this, like the Totem ARC ($250 on kickstarter), is a class D amp, albeit with rather less power. Tangent’s output figure is for four Ohms which means its eight Ohm output will be less. But the similarity in operation and style cannot be ignored, the Tangent offers on the box controls and a remote but no USB, and seems like a good price unless you need power and the DAC function. Whether its 52mm high by 190mm wide form is any bigger is hard to tell, but size is clearly an issue in this emerging market.

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