TEAC’s pocket rocket


TEAC has introduced the a new stereo power amplifier based on Hypex Ncore class D modules. The AP-505 (£1,349/€1,499) is compact but produces up to 115W per channel in stereo/bi-amp modes and 220W in BTL/bridged mode. 

The AP-505 employs a fully-balanced circuit design from the input section to the output stage, and a high capacity toroidal-core transformer, with Schottky barrier diodes in the rectifying circuit. Unlike conventional diodes, Schottky barrier diodes reduce rectifier noise, leading to a ‘cleaner’ supply and a more stable delivery of current claims TEAC.

They also state that “from the outset our engineers were determined to use a circuit and layout that would allow sufficient natural cooling, one that would allow the creation of a compact but powerful amplifier which didn’t need the help of a cooling fan.” Which seems like a sensible if not quite radical approach.


MUSES8820E dual op-amps are employed at the input stage for both the XLR and RCA inputs. In the power supply section for the input stage, both the left and right channel rectifying circuits are completely independent from the power transformer onwards, and have four, high-capacity, 4700μF capacitors on each channel for better separation between channels.

The case consists of lightweight aluminium-alloy panels over a steel chassis. TEAC’s patent-pending ‘Pin-point’ feet, located at three strategic positions on the underside “add incision to the sound, helping to create a more detailed and stable stereo image”.

Retro analogue level meters on the front panel that move in response to signal levels. A four-step dimmer (bright, mid, dim off) allows users to adjust the intensity of display to their taste, while a switchable sensitivity (±0dB, +20dB, movement off) allows you to enjoy more, less, or even no meter movement, if preferred.

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