Teenage Engineering TP-7 for zero friction

Teenage Engineering TP-7

Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder

The Teenage Engineering TP-7 field recorder is a dedicated recording device with a 7-hour rechargeable battery and 128 GB of internal storage. Available Summer 2023, TP-7 records sound, music, interviews, and important ideas with zero friction in the highest possible quality.
At the centre of Teenage Engineering TP-7 is the motorized ‘tape reel’, used to navigate menus, scrub, pause, and as gentle visual feedback – while the one-of-a-kind rocker on the left side allows you to scrub through your audio quickly. The design places the mode button below, while the other side is home to the memo and navigation buttons. The ergonomic placement of each function allows for single-handed control.

Teenage Engineering

Record a quick memo with the built-in microphone. Use any of the three stereo two-way jacks to connect external mics, headphones, studio monitors, or audio equipment like TX-6 or OP-1 field. Connect via USB-C to use Teenage Engineering TP-7 as a multi-channel audio interface, midi controller, or for data transfer and charging. Wireless connectivity options include MiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The package bundles a 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack adaptor.
Also available upon release is the TP-7 transcription app for instant voice-to-text. Simply connect via BLE or USB, and import your audio for instant and accurate transcription. The software uses Whisper, the world-class open source ai.
Teenage Engineering TP-7’s discrete size and dedicated function make for an unobtrusive recording device, perfect for professionals who require reliable dictation, such as journalists, lawyers, and medical professionals. For musicians, TP-7 is a playground. Creative minds will appreciate functionalities that include simultaneous line-in and recording, overdubbing and even a portable DJ setup. The Teenage Engineering TP-7 will be available from June 2023, priced at ¬£1299 RRP, including VAT.

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