Tom Tom breaks internet


Tom Tom Audio is not your typical retailer, one glance at their new website will tell you that. The St Albans based Naim specialist has a flair for colour and style, they also seem to be quite keen on David Bowie. Today sees the launch of the first retailer website to feature a cartoon of system assembly on its front page, not one but two systems are built up in stop motion style that would be a credit to Nick Park, albeit without the Plasticene.

The site includes interviews with the engineers who build the products that Tom Tom sells, including Nigel Finn of Chord Co, Steve Sells from Naim, Bob Surgeoner of Neat and Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere. The refreshing thing about the site is that it’s not trying to sell you anything, instead it’s enthusiastic about great sound systems and music, and rather keen on ‘pre-loved’ Naim. James and Henry are clearly selling an experience as much as a stack of audio gear, they’re in it for the right reasons. Just check out the manifesto if you want to get a flavour of their approach, it states: “we don’t sell boxes we build time machines”, what more do you want?

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