Tom Tom is Ten

James Almey

One of Naim’s most innovative dealers, Tom Tom Audio, celebrated its tenth birthday on Saturday and did so in some style. Proprietor James Almey invited all of his customers to a hotel in St Albans where with the help of Naim and Focal he had three systems on demonstration. These ranged from a Guru Junior fronted NDX and Rega RP8 sourced set-up through a midrange Naim/Focal rig to a full monty six pack system with the mighty Ovator S800s. How they got those up the stairs I’ll never know, there must be a lift somewhere.

If that weren’t enough he also laid on a buffet lunch with bubbly and live music and gave a short but emotional speech thanking everyone for making his dream a reality. I enjoyed hearing some new music and chatting to the dream makers, all of whom are clearly committed to the cause of great music and great sound. For James to have built up this sort of customer/fan base over what seems a fairly short time is a testament to his own enthusiasm and love of the game, here’s to the next ten.

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