Totally Epic X Aray from Chord Co

chord epic x aray

Chord Company Epic X Aray interconnect cable

Chord Company has upgraded an already Epic interconnect with the very latest cable technologies from the factory. The new Epic X Aray is a considered development of one of Chord Company’s most versatile interconnects.

The original Epic quickly became one of the company’s most popular analogue interconnects, with a price point that naturally complements an enormously wide range of high-performance hi-fi equipment. The new Epic X Aray represents the next generation and benefits from the latest Chord Company cable technologies, finessed over the AV specialist’s near-40-year history.

Epic X Aray builds on the Shawline interconnect and benefits from heavier-gauge silver-plated conductors with upgraded geometry, plus increased shielding volume. It also enjoys Chord Company’s performance-enhancing Aray mechanical tuning technology, which optimises the potential of the heavy-gauge conductors.

Epic X Aray

Epic X Aray’s ‘X’ suffix denotes the upgrade to XLPE (cross-linked polythene) insulation, an enhancement which has been rolling out across a number of Chord Company cables in recent times. XLPE perfectly complements the high-performance shielding architecture and proprietary Aray conductor geometry technology.

Handmade to order in England, with connectors in VEE 3 RCA, DIN or XLR configurations, Epic X Aray’s connector contact areas/pins benefit from Chord Company’s innovative Chor Alloy multi-metal plating system, which offers lower intermodulation, full solderability and a tarnish-free finish.

A directional design, indicated by arrows on the heat-shrink this cable range comes with a lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship. Epic X Aray is available in 0.5 m and 1 m lengths, with custom lengths/terminations available to order. Epic X Aray analogue interconnect from £420 (0.5 m) available now.

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