Vertere hits the Redline


Vertere Acoustics has added a new range of analogue cables to its portfolio. Redline is designed to preserve “all the dynamics, harmonic structure and detail of the music, throughout the system. All too often, it is the connecting cables that corrupt the delicate audio signal. Vertere has fundamentally addressed this issue with its unique conductor design and internal cable architecture.”

Redline is double shielded with an outer screen braid and a conductive foil. This delivers an excellent screen and a mixed ground impedance for low noise. 
Seven independent high-purity copper (not pre-used or reclaimed) conductors per channel of different thicknesses and plating surrounded by low-dialectic constant FEP are utilised per channel. This allows flexibility of different configurations for different uses. The six (two thin and four thick) signal conductors are silver plated. The thicker dedicated ground conductor is tin-plated.

Redline analogue cable connectors are all bespoke and all contacts are gold plated with triple the standard gold plating thickness. Termination options include RCA, DIN, XLR, Tonearm DIN, Mains, Spades and 4mm plugs.


Redline stereo Analogue Interconnect Cable is internally configured in a different manner to the tonearm cable to suit both line level and pre out signals. The Analogue cable is connected in a quasi-balanced configuration to suit the dynamic, complex and wideband audio signal conducted from source to amplifier or pre-amplifier to power amplifier. The Tonearm cable is wired in a fully balanced manner to suit the low output of cartridges and their balanced design.

XminiS Speaker Cable – also part of the Redline family – has multiple conductors to provide enhanced signal transmission. With both signal conductor sets being identical and shielded, it can be configured for ‘balanced’ or ‘single’ ended use depending on shield management and shield connection to bring optimum performance for both traditional and bridged amplifiers.

Redline cables are priced at £595, €700, $795 for a 1m interconnect cable, or a 3m pair of loudspeaker cables. Longer lengths per 0.5m are priced at £130, €160, $195. Redline mains cables are £595, €720, $895.

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